Toronto Indie Horror Fest

About The Fest

Upcoming Films

KWednesday // Nov 9

7:00PM- Good Tidings (UK)

Short- Kookie

Wednesday // Nov 9

9:30PM- Cage (UK)

Short- Silently Within Your Shadow

Thursday// Nov 10

7:00PM- Show Yourself (USA)

Short- Face Value

Thursday // Nov 10

9:30 - Paranormal Drive (Russia)

Short- Tiny Creatures

Friday // Nov 11

7:00PM- Beyond The Woods (Ireland)

Shorts- One More Cup of Coffee


Friday // Nov 11

9:30- All The Wrong Friends (USA)

Short- The Barber's Cut

Saturday // Nov 12

7:00PM- The Visitor (Romania)

Short- Knock So Scary

Saturday // Nov 12

9:30- Be My Cat: A Film For Anne (Romania)

Short- Flicker


The Toronto Indie Horror Fest is a fan run DIY festival taking place at D-Beatstro (a community driven event space) from Nov 9th-12th.

We will 8 feature films as well as 8 shorts.

All screenings will be free!

Submit your film by email at